Personal Trainer Top Diet Tips

Tracking your fitness progress

Before you start on a personal training programme you should take a picture of yourself. After a few weeks of going through the programme you might feel and see a difference in your body. So join a programme which will encourage you to track your progress over time so when you see yourself getting closer to that targeted physique and looking stronger, it acts as a greater booster.

The programme personal trainers should also encourage you to take your weight and record your body fat and certain measurements on a monthly basis. This data will reveal whether the work you are putting in is bearing fruit. It is a good barometer showing you how much progress you are making.

Diet issues

As mentioned above diet is an important part of any body transformation programme. Select a programme which will give you a diet chart to suit your requirements. Often people starve themselves to drop body fat. This is not necessary.

What is required is the right amount of calories which will fuel your energy and keep the good muscle tissue. You would also need to eat less carbohydrate and increase your consumption of protein.

When to eat with regard to working out

A good personal trainer will advise you on not only the type of food you should eat when working out, but also when to eat. Meals taken before and after workouts will provide you with the energy necessary to have a good workout. Besides eating whole foods you should also have certain supplements which contain amino acids and protein powders. These will help to provide muscle growth.

Students that study fitness at college have a greater understanding of how nutrients react to the body and exactly how much fuel your body needs.

Sequence of exercises

If faced with a choice between cardio and weight training, you should select weight training. This exercise which consists of lifting weights will work mostly on your body transformation. It has a clear advantage of overdoing cardio. You should also do a couple of sessions of interval high-intensity training which speeds up the transformation. It also helps with fat loss. Steady cardio exercises can improve recovery and give the body more restful and better sleep. However, in spite of the above, you should go in for weight training first. Check out:

Follow the gym action

Every personal trainer will have its set programmes with regard to the type of exercises, rest periods, etc. So when you join a body transformation programme you should follow the rules. This means concentrating on whatever action is taking place. Do not get distracted by cell-phones, gym chatter and other issues. You need to concentrate on your own work-out as prescribed by the personal trainers and do so with full concentration.