What Size Bulgarian Bag For Beginners?

Bulgarian Bag – What Size is Right for Me?
Are you contemplating Bulgarian Bag workouts for your fitness goals? If so, then you have taken one of the best decisions ever. Bulgarian Bag workouts provide maximum impact in least time as they combine strength training and cardiovascular moves.

You might consider hiring a Bulgarian Bag instructor
The equipment is easy to carry around so you won’t ever miss your exercise session and a one-time investment can last a lifetime as Bulgarian Bag are extremely sturdy. All in all, Bulgarian Bag training is one of the most effective ways of reaching your fitness goals.

The Need to Select the Right Bulgarian Bag
Training with a Bulgarian Bag is quite different from working out with other standard equipment. Most of the workouts are full-body movements that involve multiple small and large muscle groups. When performed correctly, these workouts have the potential to not only improve your strength and endurance but also your posture, body balance and basic everyday motions such as gripping, swinging, snatching etc.

However, before you get all excited, you should remember that a Bulgarian Bag is a unique equipment that needs proper handling. It is a solid bag of sand with handles to grip it. Moving it any way you want is difficult and risky for the uninitiated. Lifting it or moving it the wrong way can lead to injuries and incorrect posture.

Also remember that although there are general guidelines on selecting the right size, each individual is different. You should understand your present fitness level; build and physical capacity before trying out just any weight.
It is best to consult a seasoned trainer for a few sessions initially. Once you know what’s right for you and have mastered the technique, you can continue training with Bulgarian Bags on your own. For Bulgarian Bag courses in Australia, enrol into a Fitness Australia accredited course.

The Right Bulgarian Bag Size for Women
If you are a woman and new to Bulgarian Bag training, you should ideally begin with a Bulgarian Bag that weighs 8kg. This is a weight that is not too light or too heavy and can be safely handled by average women. If you click here www.bulgarianbag.com.au you’ll see a table of recommended weights.

Anything lighter and you may feel that you are not straining yourself hard enough. For example, you can easily lift and move a 4kg Bulgarian Bag even if you have never worked out before. While this may seem great, in reality you are not learning the correct posture and movement and you will never develop the strength required for moving on to heavier weights.

Again, you may not be able to lift a Bulgarian Bag that weighs more and may want to quit at the very onset! Many women feel daunted by the prospect of having to lift a 10kg Bulgarian Bag and move on to other easier workouts. This is a shame as you can easily lift much heavier loads only if you are patient and work your way up gradually.

The Right Bulgarian Bag Size for Men
For men, the right size Bulgarian Bag for beginners would be a 16kg weight. This may seem light enough as most men are used to handling heavier weights in daily life. But do remember that merely ‘lifting and moving’ heavy loads is not the same as Bulgarian Bag training. Sandbag strength training challenge multiple muscles in each workout and learning the correct technique and posture is crucial to avoid injuries.